Eager Beavers Chess Club

Eager Beavers Chess Club in Brossard
Eager Beavers Chess Club in Brossard

Why chess?

Chess develops useful skills as for everyday life so for work and education.
Here are just a few such skills:

  • Logical thinking
  • Abstract thinking
  • Spatial awareness
  • Creative problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Strategy planning
  • Time management

We consider chess not only as a sport but also as a tool to expand your outlook, to develop your hidden potential and to make you a well-rounded person

This game represents our daily life as we are the only ones who are responsible for every step we take and every decision we make as in chess so in life. Coming over elements of chess strategy we exercise our logical thinking, strategy planning, and competitiveness.

Whilst chess competitions fudge your stamina and spirit, evolve teamwork skills, train to be a fighter and to advocate your point of view, a richness of combinations helps to upgrade your imagination.

We collaborate with Сhess and Math Association, Quebec Chess Federation (FQE), Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) и World Chess Federation (FIDE).

Our trainers will give your children a full play to scholastic chess and will reveal the world of big chess on Canadian and International arenas.
We will acquaint you with a year schedule of competitions and will provide some task-oriented preparations for the most important upcoming tournaments.

Eager Beaver Chess club will help you and your children to dive into the ocean of BIG professional chess!

Key elements of our chess club:

  • Effective training in small groups
  • Lesson plans are based on specialized chess school methodology
  • Our students can take a part in competitions organized by the World Chess Federation (FIDE)

These are some of the top-level tournaments where our students excelled

  • Championnat junior féminin du Québec 2018 Susan Polgar Foundation Girls Invitational Quebec Qualifier 
  • Grand Prix Maccabi I – Qualificatif pour le CYCC
  • Quebec Young Stars 2nd Edition
  • Championnat Ouvert de Montréal 2017
  • Le Défi Échiquéen du Québec 2018