Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning in Windsor
Wedding Dress Cleaning in Windsor

Your wedding gown is one of the most precious possessions. It is a symbol of one of the most important events in your entire life. At Master Cleaners, we understand this and as such, we treat and clean your wedding gown with special care.


At Master Cleaners, we give each gown the care it deserves. When it comes time to clean your gown, bring it to us so we can professionally dry or wet-clean it. Each gown undergoes a pre-inspection for soils, stains, fabrics, seams, and embellishments. The cleaning process is determined and executed by our gown specialists.

Once cleaned and inspected, your gown proceeds to our finishing department, where it is hand finished with precision detail. The final stage for your gown is preservation. Using museum quality materials, your gown is protected with acid-free tissue and muslin wrap to maintain its original form. Don’t let your memories fade away, let the experts at Master Cleaners preserve your most precious moments. With proper care, your wedding gown will remain a keepsake.