How to Get Started with UPservice

1. Create Account

Create Account

Enter email address, password and click register once ready. Alternately, create an account through your Facebook or Google account.

2. Confirm Account

Confirm Account

You will receive a confirmation email from UPservice. You must click the confirmation link to get started.

3. Get Started

Become a seller

Click Become a seller.

4. Add Business Details

Add Business Details

Service Name – Enter business name.
Description – Describes your services in detail. While you don’t want to write a novel, you want to make sure that it sends the right message to readers.
Images – Choose appealing images that are eye-catching but relevant to your business. Clients will notice an image before a text, therefore you want to choose an image that sets you apart and gets you noticed.

Add Business Details

Languages – Add spoken languages in which the service is offered.
Price – Set a Price.
Opening Hours – Add opening/availability hours.

Add Business Details

Appointment Length – Choose a standard appointment length.
Checkboxes – Click multiple booking or we deliver if applicable.

Add Business Details

Address – Include your business address.
Tags – Choose keywords and tags that will make it easier for potential clients to come across your ad.